River Road Condominium

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River Road Condominium

Kitchener, Ontario

This contemporary 3-storey stacked townhouse project consists of two buildings with 12 units and 18 units respectively.  This infill development involved the removal of two existing dilapidated buildings allowing residential intensification.  The 12 unit building is designed and sited to provide an urban scale facade on River Road while masking surface parking from the street view.  The 18 unit building composes the southern boundary of the site.  Located close to public transit this condominium is assisting with the urban revitalization of the area.  The site is accessed by pedestrian walks with direct entry to all units from grade.  Amenity areas are centrally located for ease of access and passive supervision.

The construction of the project undertook the use of an innovate construction technology that provided high performance wall and floor assemblies constructed in a factory environment.  This allowed pre-construction of the building components for rapid on-site assembly during winter months.  The wall system was specifically designed for improved thermal performance and reduction of thermal bridging through the assembly.  Pre-fabrication has the added benefit of waste and theft reduction, and significantly improved quality control.  All party walls are constructed of isolated double walls for sound control.  Exterior treatment consists of stone, brick and non-combustible siding elements to create an attractive, low maintenance exterior.  Large windows are incorporated into the units to provide an abundance of natural light and view.  Upper units are provided with balconies.  Lower units have individual garden areas.

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